24 Days to G20 Summit – Seven actions to end the pandemic: The G20 Manifesto

With less than 24 days to go until the G20 summit in Rome, we are in the final stretch of a critical advocacy push to determine whether wealthy countries commit to real action on global COVID-19 vaccine access and pledge to Vaccinate Our World.

Click here to read the Manifesto!

Over the past several months, we have been protesting pharma greed, knocking on embassy doors to mobilize G20 support, communicating with decisionmakers, and talking to everyday people to learn how COVID-19 has impacted their lives and why access to vaccines is so essential.

Over the coming days, we will bring you a series of stories on G20 advocacy that highlight why the summit in Rome is an opportunity to mobilize global support for the scale-up and expansion of vaccine production that we simply cannot afford to miss.

Today, we begin by revisiting the G20 Manifesto, which kicked off this campaign by outlining seven actions the economic block must take to put the world on a path to ending the pandemic.

You have an important role to play in helping us reach G20 leaders – repost the manifesto on your social media as an image or link and ask you friends do the same. Together we can make sure the call to Vaccinate Our World will be heard everywhere!