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If the immorality of vaccine rationing doesn't bother you,
the grave danger that it poses to the world should.

What is needed?

If we are to rid the world of COVID-19 – we must VOW to Vaccinate Our World now. We can do this by:

  • Raising $100 billion – enough to secure sufficient doses to Vaccinate Our World now.
  • Procuring 7 billion COVID-19 vaccines within one year for all the world’s citizens, particularly for people in developing countries.
  • Waiving or suspending all COVID-19 vaccine patents during the global public health emergency.
  • Eliminating all restrictions on the sharing of information and data—100% transparency is needed.
  • Promoting international cooperation, not politics, as the driving force for ending the pandemic.

From the map below, 2022 or 2023 is far too long for countries to wait for lifesaving vaccines!

Infographic: Global Vaccine Timeline Stretches to 2023 | Statista

Source: Statista

If we’re to ensure vaccine equity, the world must:

$100 billion must be pledged to secure enough vaccines to inoculate the entire world. Leaders from the G20 and global financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank must VOW to step up their contributions immediately.

Even with current vaccine production ramped up to maximum levels, vaccine manufacturers are still unable to meet the demand for lifesaving COVID-19 doses. If the world is to fight this and future pandemics, vaccine production must be increased across every continent. A handful of pharmaceutical companies simply cannot be relied upon for vaccinating the entire world.

COVID-19 vaccines are primarily funded by taxpayers – not pharmaceutical companies. We must call for all vaccine manufacturers to openly share their technology and intellectual property – and for governments to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are declared a public good. We can look at past examples, such as the AIDS epidemic, and save the world as we did with antiretroviral medicines for HIV.

We must advocate for an enforceable mandate to ensure transparency and accountability for all countries and organizations when it comes to global public health.

The bulk of vaccine procurements have been accomplished through closed-door deals between individual governments and drug companies where little information is released on the details of the agreements, which drives up vaccine costs. During this and any pandemic, all vaccine agreements should be made public to encourage increased cooperation and to ensure all countries are able to access affordable medicines and vaccines.

Many nations, including Canada, the U.S., U.K. and European Union have purchased enough vaccines to vaccinate their populations multiple times over. With a worldwide shortage, these countries must be compelled to share their surplus vaccine stockpiles. At a time when the majority of the world has little access to vaccines, nations should establish a framework to ensure the rest of the world can also be protected. If one country isn’t safe from COVID-19—none of us are safe.

87% of the more than 700 million vaccines administered globally have gone to high-income or upper-middle-income countries, while low-income countries have received a mere 0.2%.

Source: WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 4/9/21

What can you do?

Join our digital advocacy campaign! Together we will urge world leaders to ensure vaccine equity worldwide. How you can help:

  • Pledge as an individual or as an organization to fight for vaccine access across the world.
  • Subscribe to our e-mail list to stay up-to-date and help out when we issue a call to action, such as a global Twitter rally!
  • Tell your friends, family members and colleagues about the VOW call to action and ask them to join!
  • Spread the word and encourage others to VOW now to end COVID-19 by tweeting and posting these messages on social media: "If the immorality of vaccine rationing doesn't bother you, the grave danger that it poses to the world should. Join us in urging world leaders to VOW to #VaccinateOurWorld!"

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Have Pledged So Far To Vaccinate Our World

These Are The Organisations That Have Pledged So Far To Vaccinate Our World:
Iseri Ibágari · 4Souls Foundation · Abanthu Concepts for Development formerly Edutainment Health Foundation · ABC Prodein Colombia · action for uplifting vulnerable communities uganda · Africa Advocacy Foundation · African Network of Adolescents and Young Persons Development (ANAYD) · After Hours Project · AHF · AHF Georgia · AHF INDIA - INDIA CARES · AHF Kenya · AHF PANAMA · AHF Puerto Rico · AID Atlanta · AID FOR AIDS · AIDS Healthcare Foundation · AIDS Healthcare Foundation - Georgia · AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION CHILE · AIDS Healthcare Foundation Nepal · Aidspan · AJUCOM · Amahoro Human Respect. · AMAI - Associação dos Moradores e Amigos de Itapuama · Amazing Zone · AP Trading OÜ · Asociación Trans Diversa · Asociacion Biblioteca Popular Aime Painé · ASOCIACION VIVIENDO POSITIVAMENTE · Aspirations · ASSCODECHA - Associação Comunitária para o Desenvolvimento Humano · Associação Beneficente. Madre Maria Vilac-Abemzvi · Associação Caririense de Luta contra Aids · Associação FUNDAÇÃO CASA - Centro de Apoio Social e Acompanhamento às Pessoas Vivendo com HIV e casos de AIDS · Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Capacidade Comunitária-ADECC · Association of HIV affected women and their families · Association of people living with HIV/AIDS · Association of students against drug abuse and trafficking (SADAT) · ATTTA Mar del Plata  · Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa ) · BAMPOREZE · Batanai HIV and AIDS Support Group · BHOOSHAN INDANE · Black BeautyShop Health Initiative · BODABODA SAFETY ASSOCIATION OF KENYA · Bridge Builders Foundation · California LGBT Arts Alliance · Care 4 Them Wellness Organization (C4TWO) · Cátedra Abaca UBA · CAZAS · Center for Community Health Promotion · Círculo Social Igualitario AC  · Citizens Health Education and Development Initiative · Clínica de Familia La Romana · COALITION OF WOMEN LIVING WITH HIV AND AIDS · CONCERN AND CARE FOR THE NEEDY IN RWANDA(CCN-RWANDA) · Conseil Consultatif des Femmes (COCOF) · Convivencia en Diversidad Tandil · Cotic Centro Organizado Tratamento Intensivo a Criança  · CRANIMAX TALENT DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION · Cynthia Perry Ray Foundation · Davis Memorial Hospital Positively United to Support Humanity · Dhading Plus · Diaspora Community Services · Dorcus Beads community based Organization · Dream Achievers Youth Organization · DREAM ALIVE FOUNDATION RWANDA (DAFR) · Društvo ŠKUC · EcoGlobal · EFFORTS FOR KEY POPULATIO INITIATIVE · Elgon ngoma troupe · EMPOWER GIRLS UGANDA · Environmentorz · Epic Youth Organization · Expertos, Inc. · Families Living with AIDS Care Center · Fivefold Ministries For All Nations · Florics club Initiative · Foaesp · Fórum Ong aids RS · Foundation for Development of Children · Foundation Los Pisingos · Friends of the Needy · fuckyou · FUNDACION BIENESTAR · Fundisa Abantu · FUNLEMA · GASPA GRUPO DE APOIO E SOLIDARIEDADE AOS PORTADORES DO VÍRUS HIV.  ARARAQUARAA  · Generation Change Kenya · Global Aim · Global Future Redemption Empowerment Foundation · Global Hope for Women and Children Foundation (GLOHWOC) · Global Network of Black People working in HIV · GRUPO CLARA, INC. Dominican Republic · Grupo Juvenil Para el Desarrollo Comunitario · Grupo Multisectorial en VIH/sida e ITS del Estado de Veracruz · Grupo Pela Vidda  Niterói  · Grupo Pela Vidda-RJ · Grupo Pela Vidda/SP · Gtp+ Grupo de Trabalhos em Prevenção  Posithivo  · GuesTec · Health Action Coordinating Committee · Health Office Diocese of Jinja · Health Through Walls · Hellenstein-Gymnasium · HEP Montenegro · HNTD (Homens Negros Trans e Transmasculines em Diáspora) · Hope House, Manzini, Eswatini · HPDO · Human Peace and Development Organization -HPDO · HUMANITARIAN AID · I Am Human Foundation · ICOM Health · ICSEF · Imarisha-Kenya · Indian Quality Centre · Inner City Ambassadors ( ICA) · Inspira Cambio A.C. · Instituto Cultural Barong · Instituto Vida Nova Integração Social Educação e Cidadania · Instituto Vladimir Herzog · International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA) · Iseri Ibagari · Jabumaitsefoundation · joint adherent brothers and sisters against AIDS( JABASA) · Jornal Diário Popular · Josephine Nabukenya · Journey House Actions Rwanda · Jump 93 Association · Juventud competitiva · Kamwanje self help group · KARUNA, SALUD Y DESARROLLO, A.C. · KATOVU CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (KCDC) · Lambeth Service User Council (LSUC) · Lao network of people living with HIV/AIDS · Leading Women Worldwide · Learn Work Develop (LWD) · Let's Kick ASS AIDS Survivor Syndrome · LIGHT Health & Wellness · Linda HIV SA · Live Alive Network (LIAN) · Living Hope Care for PLWHA Society · Macuco por la Vida A.C · Mariann Coordinating Committee · Mariannridge Upliftment Centre · Masaka Green Light Impact Programme (MAGLIP) · Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) · Medpark US LLC · Men's Health Social Service (MHSS) · Miracle Corners Zambia · MOPAIDS Movimento Paulistano de Luta Contra a AIDS · MOSCTHA · MTÜ Convictus Eesti · Mujeres Socio Política Mama Tingo · Mundka Industrial area welfare society · Muskaan K K Memorial Trust · NAIMA+ · NEPHAK · Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS · New Age Man · New HIV Vaccine and Microbicides Advocacy Society · New Hope Fore Children Org · Ntethelelo Foundation · Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de Personas Trans-ODHPT · One Heart Youth Advocacy and Community Development Initiative · ONG Acción Para una Vida Saludable · ONG Igualdade  · Org Name · Organisation for Poverty Alleviation and Development · Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development · OÜ Spurt · Parkside Economic Development Corporation · Paróquia Anglicana da Santíssima Trindade · Persevere Until Something Happens (PUSH) · Positive Diva · Positive Youth in Action ( POYA) · Pro Development Network · Propoor Ethiopian Development Organization · Public organization “Sun circLe” · Queer Association - TEMIDA · RAIN Uganda · Rainbow Haven · RAKAI ORPHANS HOPE PROJECT · Red Guatemalteca Mujeres Positivas en Acción · RED TRANS PERU · Rede de amizade e solidariedade  · Relief Teenage and Marital Counseling Foundation · Rescue Mission for Street Life · Resik Subang Foundation · ReSpurt OÜ · RFHA · RNP SP  · RNP+AM (Rede Nacional de Pessoas Vivendo com HIV e Aids no Amazonas) · RNP+Brasil · Rwanda Network of Religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS (RWANERELA+) · SAfAIDS · SAIL-UGANDA · Sanga Mithra Development Association (SAMIDA) · Save Community Uganda · SAVE Foundation · Save Your Generation · Serenity wellness Center Ltd · shri sawan singh ji welfare society · SMART CHILDREN AFRICA (SMACA) · Smart Her Empowerment · SOLUVAS RWANADA · Somos Familia Valle · South Carolina HIV Council dba Wright Wellness Center · Sport for Social Change Network · Spread Awareness Information and Learnig · Spread Awareness Information and Learning in Uganda (SAIL Uganda) · Step to future · Stowarzyszenie JUMP 93 · SUNLIGHT INITIATIVE RWANDA · Suruwat · Swaziland AIDS support organization · Tapitas felices  · Tbilisi Pride · TesteateBA · Thabitha Community Care Services · The Commuter Magazine · The HIV Foundation Asia · The Life Skills Development Foundation (TLSDF) or RakDek in Thai · The Mark Fish Foundation NPC · The OUT Founudation · The Realty Company · The Renewed Church of Los Angeles · TM Foundation · Translatinx Network · TRANSSA Trans Siempre Amigas · Tropical Focus for Rural Development · Turks and Caicos AIDS Awareness Foundation · Union for People Living with HIV/AIDS Positive in the Rainbow · Uttar pradesh udyog vyapar sangthan Muzaffarnagar · Vaal Marketing Services · Venus Social Enterprise · VIHve Libre · Villagers Feeding Scheme · Wanda Adu Foundation · WE REACH CBO · WE REACH COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION · Women Organization for Modern Economy and Nursing ( WOMEN) · Yerala Projects Society · Youth Alive Uganda · Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa · Zvishavane AIDS Caring Trust · БО "Позитивні жінки" (CO "Positive Women") · Військові ЛГБТ за рівні права · ГО "Точка Опори ЮА" · ГО Точка опори ЮА · КНП "КОЦПБС КОР" · КНП "МОЦПДІП" МОР