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Diseases know no borders – and ensuring vaccine equity for all nations is an essential step towards combatting infectious diseases on a global scale. This includes ensuring countries worldwide have the resources they need to secure enough vaccines to protect their citizens.


Protecting our world means vaccinating our world – because global public health crises cannot be managed independently and without cooperation. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that a “me first” mentality by rich countries all but guaranteed most of the world was left unprotected.


COVID-19 showed how pandemics impact the world far beyond health and why the world must be better prepared. By ensuring vaccine equity, we can protect our economies, ensure societal cohesion, and promote long-term stability for individual countries and the world.

AHF has been a long-time advocate for vaccines and vaccine equity, dating back to the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa where two AHF doctors lost their lives battling the deadly disease.

Today – through the Vaccinate Our World campaign and advocacy for a new Global Public Health ConventionAHF continues to fight to ensure all countries, not just the super-rich, have access to lifesaving vaccines and other essential commodities.

This advocacy includes pushing governments to mandate that pharmaceutical companies share their intellectual property, including technology and know-how, to increase the availability of medicines, diagnostics, and therapeutics globally – particularly during international health crises.

Success Stories

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Genomic sequencing

AHF launched a genomic sequencing project to identify and track COVID-19 virus mutations.

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Food relief

Food is the first medication. AHF helped patients in many countries stay healthy during COVID by providing nutritional support.

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Patient support during COVID

No patients left behind: AHF delivered HIV services, including medications and telemedicine to clients living under strict COVID-19 restrictions:
China, Dominican Republic, India, Peru, Philippines and Ukraine.

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Join the VOW call-to-action by being an advocate for vaccines worldwide and sharing these facts with others!


Are safe, necessary, and prevent up to 5 million deaths annually.

Can have side effects - but true vaccine injuries are very rare.

Prevent diseases like chicken pox, HPV, measles, polio, and many others.

Are not 100% effective but work well to protect us and people who can't be vaccinated (e.g., herd immunity)